What is SentientSystem?

Hello World

SentientSystem began with a vision for holistic virtualisation of business operations.

The first step to achieve this was the ability to relate predicted quantities with operational reality.

This is the foundation of SentientSystem; every evolution is a new way learn from the difference between an asset’s current operation and its possible operation.


The humble beginning was a set of tools to organise and analyse data. The award-winning feature that made SentientSystem stand out was the powerful engine for self-learning simulation based on a hybrid of modelled and adapted patterns. Users gained insight by analysing the monitored and simulated information in the first version of our visualisation tool: TrendView.

What If?

Virtualisation became a reality when the sophisticated modelling and simulation of SentientSystem was integrated with power plant assets in 2001.
It allowed managers to go beyond their existing monitoring and ask, “What If?” – What if my coal was higher quality? What if my heat transfer on a component was higher?

Early Warning

Unfortunately, specialists of industry do not have the luxury of time to be constantly reviewing hundreds of process measures. Observing this, SentientSystem is honed as an expert system to empower specialists with maximum leverage for their efforts.
Early Warning is added, detecting when the operation deviates from the virtualised environment. This allows specialists to focus on salient events where cost-savings and profit potential are greatest.


With an established engine for virtualisation, SentientSystem becomes the platform for experimentation on new asset systems. SentientSystem has grown to include modelling capability for a wide range of industries: buildings, mining, and business.
Across industries, managers can scrutinise and theorise on a whole new level and see precisely how changesĀ  in each sub-system will impact the business.

User Designed

Process virtualisation now spans multiple industries, increasing the availability and analytical power of SentientSystem.

To make this technology accessible and viable, customers gain the ability to use the ready-made components to build their own business model using our Process Flow Designer.

As a result, asset managers cost-effectively gain the benefits of SentientSystem and build their own virtualised environment specific to their operation.

Future Vision

Big Data. Industry 4.0. Gamification. Internet of Things…

Buzz-words abound in our competitive future, often offering broad-stroke answers to questions unasked. SentientSystem is positioned to empower you to take control of holistic virtualisation of your business.
With capability to both model in detail and work in abstracted subsystems, SentientSystem starts delivering value fast, and scales as a precise virtual business.

Contact us to learn how SentientSystem can empower your business or technology with powerful virtualisation and analysis.